Tacx NEO 2T Smart Home Trainer - T2875

Tacx NEO 2T Smart Home Trainer - T2875

Ref. 125630

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The Tacx NEO 2T Smart home trainer will allow you to train in near-real conditions in your living room. Extremely quiet, thanks to its design that reduces noise from internal air movements and vibrations transferred to the ground at low speed, this home trainer will offer you absolute sound comfort.

Work on sprints and climbs
The new design of the NEO 2T engine improves the driving experience during climbs and accelerations. The increase in engine power has allowed higher levels of resistance to be generated under specific conditions, such as sprint or low speed. This home trainer can simulate slopes up to 25%!

Analysis of the pedalling stroke
The NEO 2T was already equipped on the left and right with a capacitive detection sensor that accurately measures the exact position of your legs. By adding the standard ANT Plus cycling dynamics, you can now analyze your pedal's travel via third-party software, such as a Garmin Edge computer, for example.

Power measurement to the nearest hundredth
The Tacx NEO 2T Smart measures your power with great accuracy (less than 1% difference!), ensuring you reliable data, all without prior calibration.

Sensation of fluid pedaling
This home trainer is very responsive and responds instantly to changes in speed or inclination. It also features dynamic inertia compensating for weight, speed and tilt angle to ensure the most realistic and fluid driving experience possible.

Compatible with many axes
The rear axle of the NEO 2T Smart has been redesigned to accommodate a larger number of bicycles. Thus, it is compatible with all bicycles. You will just need an adapter for axes 135x10 and 135x12.

Simulation of road surface
With the NEO 2T Smart you can feel the vibrations of paving stones, gravel and other road surfaces for a total immersion. In addition, this home trainer can be used with Tacx and Zwift videos.

Simulation of descents
The NEO 2T Smart will allow you to feel the acceleration experienced at the top of a hill or mountain. He'll accelerate on the descents!

Stable and flexible
The NEO 2T Smart offers some degrees of lateral movement during use. Its frame follows the natural course of your body, giving you a certain freedom of movement that improves the feeling of realism.

Autonomous power supply
This home trainer does not require an external power source because it generates its own energy from your pedaling movement. So you can use it wherever you want. However, the descent simulation function is only activated when the home trainer is connected to an external power source.

Technical specifications
- Direct mounting in place of the rear wheel for greater stability, fluidity and precision
- Max. power 2200 watts, power accuracy 1%, slope 25%
- Mass of inertia 125 kg
- Autonomous motor for power supply and movement management
- Pedal stroke analysis via applications
- Realism of the terrain in video as a paved area and descent
- Can be folded up after use
- ANT and Bluetooth connection
- Compatible with Tacx, Zwift, Kinomap, Cyclops applications
- Simulation of the slope and descent
- Weight of the device 24.8kg


  • Brand Tacx
  • Reference 125630
  • EAN13 8714895058405
  • Manufacturer reference TAC20027107

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