Squirt Lube Chain Special Winter Lubricant 15 ml

Squirt Lube Chain Special Winter Lubricant 15 ml

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The Squirt Lube Special Winter lubricant will protect your chain from dust and mud for optimal operation during your winter rides (under -5°C). It does not blacken, does not pick up dust and gives you the best possible performance. Thanks to it, your chains last twice as long, the transmission becomes silent and maintenance is limited to a simple wipe. Whatever the weather conditions, you only have one product.
Squirt Lube is a chain lubricant based on wax and water (in emulsion, 100% biodegradable). It does not attract dust and leaves a clean transmission whatever the conditions (dry, rain, sand, mud) while offering better gear shifting and remarkable quiet running. Finally, it lasts longer than any other dry or wax-based lubricant (up to 500km on the road).

  • Lasts a long time

One application can last up to 500 km on the road and 200 km on mountain bikes. Your transmission will run silently throughout your ride.

  • Easy to apply

A dry wipe on the chain after the ride, a squirt and your bike is ready for the next ride. No more degreasing and sludge.
100% biodegradable
Squirt Lube is a mixture of waxes and water. It is 100% biodegradable, the chain remains clean and no trace is left in nature.

  • Economical

With Squirt Lube, there is no need to buy degreaser. Chains last up to twice as long. And above all, you save a lot of time on maintenance.

  • All conditions

With Squirt Lube, the same lubricant is used for all conditions. Whether it's sunny, rainy, windy or hail, there's no more hassle in choosing what to put on your chain. For electric bikes, the Special E-Bike Squirt is preferable.

  • Save watts

Squirt Lube has one of the best returns on the market. You will go faster, further with less effort.

Capacity: 15 ml


  • Brand Squirt
  • Chain Oil Dry Lubricant no
  • Chain Oil Wet Lubricant yes
  • Forks Oil no
  • Brake Fluid Dot no
  • Brake Mineral Oil no
  • Lubricant All-purpose no
  • Oil Gear hub no
  • Reference 151962
  • EAN13 6009685090218
  • Manufacturer reference SQ-15-H

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