Shimano Hollowtech 2 Crankset Seal-B - Dura-Ace ULTEGRA - 11S

Shimano Hollowtech 2 Crankset Seal-B - Dura-Ace ULTEGRA - 11S

Ref. 100031

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The Shimano Hollowtech 2 Crankset seal-B is compatible with cranksets:

FC3403, FC3450, FC3503, FC3550, FC4500, FC4503, FC4550, FC4600, FC4603, FC4650, FC4700, FC4703, FC5600, FC5603, FC5650, FC5700, FC5703, FC5750, FC5800, FC6600, FC6601, FC6603, FC6604, FC6650, FC6700, FC6703, FC6750, FC6800, FC7800, FC7803, FC7900, FC7950, FC9000, FCCX50, FCCX70, FCM4050, FCM4060, FCM532, FCM542, FCM545, FCM552, FCM580, FCM581, FCM590, FCM591, FCM600, FCM601, FCM610, FCM612, FCM615, FCM617, FCM622, FCM625, FCM640, FCM645, FCM660, FCM665, FCM670, FCM672, FCM675, FCM677, FCM760, FCM761, FCM770, FCM771, FCM780, FCM782, FCM785, FCM800, FCM8000, FCM805, FCM820, FCM825, FCM9000, FCM9020, FCM970, FCM980, FCM985, FCMT700, FCMX70, FCMX71, FCR350, FCR550, FCR563, FCR565, FCR600, FCR601, FCR603, FCR700, FCRS500, FCS500, FCS501, FCT4060, FCT551, FCT611, FCT661, FCT671, FCT780, FCT781, FCT781, SMBB91


  • Brand Shimano
  • Reference 100031
  • EAN13 4524667159223
  • Manufacturer reference Y1F316000

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