Token Thread Fit TF37 PF30/BB386 : Shimano/Sram/BB386/BB30

Token Thread Fit TF37 PF30/BB386 : Shimano/Sram/BB386/BB30

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The PF Saviour bottom bracket is here to save the day. We started with our smooth rolling ceramic TBT bearings to keep friction to a minimum and speed to a maximum. We house these bearings in a plastic shell that has been precisely machined to perfectly fit your frame. It won’t creak, squeak or get loose so you can ride in silence. And you can ride in silence for longer thanks to the use of our patented X-Seals. These seals have multiple small contact areas so they are able to keep water out of the bearings while preventing water ingress.

But the genius of this bottom bracket is that it comes with all the necessary spacers, shims, and fittings to allow you to install any road bike crank on your press fit frame. That means no more guess work and trial and error. Just install the bottom bracket as usual then fit the correct supplied spacers and you're ready to hit the road and ride instead of hitting the wall out of frustration.



  • Brand Token
  • Thread Threadless
  • System Square
  • Reference 78918
  • EAN13 4712089718306
  • Manufacturer reference Token TF37

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