DarkPads Izone Contact Carbon Brake Pads - x4

DarkPads Izone Contact Carbon Brake Pads - x4

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The DarkPads Ice Zone Contact Carbon is a novelty that is the subject of a patent of international invention.

Its total compatibility with all barke calliper is revolutionary, thus avoiding errors.

The novelty of the pad is its ability to cool the brake surface of the carbon rim in real time when braking. It also allows a quick drying of the braking surface for rainy roads, the braking band once dry will give a powerful braking as in dry weather.

The cooling is effected by a redirection of the air flows, internally of the pad. The combination of an internal channel passing through the entire length of the skate and of a bifurcation supplying the braking surface with fresh air; Gives DarkPads Ice Zone Contact an incredible ability to evacuate calories on the carbon brake surface.

They found thanks to the thermal cameras, the epicenter of heating of the skate. This made it possible to locate precisely where the bifurcation of the central channel should be located to raise the air flow over the braking surface in order to evacuate maximum heat during braking.

The back of the skate is bevelled for a redirection of the air flow through the central channel towards the surface of the rim. The curvature of the central channel makes it possible to give speed to the air and therefore to increase its flow rate.

The increase in speed is also due to the design of the tunnel diameters to create the venturi effect. The combination of this innovation, with the bi-component resin of the skate, gives a gradual and powerful braking.

Now no braking noise, no trace of resin on the braking surface, a gentle and safe grip. The result is absolute compared to the other brake pads on the market that simply have three notches in the gum ...

Thanks to this pad, overheating fears on carbon rims (particularly those with tires) and braking in the rain will be reduced to their maximum!


  • Brand DarkPads
  • Type Brakes Pads
  • Braking Carbon
  • Compatibility Shim/Sram/Campa
  • Reference 75158
  • EAN13 4712831665933
  • Manufacturer reference DarkPads ice zone contact carbo

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