Water Bag Ortlieb 4 L Black - N24
Water Bag Ortlieb 4 L Black - N24
Water Bag Ortlieb 4 L Black - N24
Water Bag Ortlieb 4 L Black - N24

Water Bag Ortlieb 4 L Black - N24

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Ortlieb water pouch :

Gone are the days of water bottles and inconvenient water cans! The compact water bag (available in 2, 4 and 10 l) is equipped with strap handles and can be attached to the backpack. The outer material is waterproof and tear-resistant, while the inner lining is designed for carrying drinking water. The 4 and 10 litre models can be attached to trees or vehicles using the buckles on both handles.
Numerous application possibilities:

  •     Camping shower
  •     Cushion and headrest
  •     Ballast for paragliding
  •     Diving buoy (inflated with air)
  •     Can be used with mechanical filters for outdoor (drinking water treatment) and the ORTLIEB drinking hose.

The water transport containers are only designed to transport and store water (up to a maximum temperature of 60°C; no alcoholic drinks, sweet or acidic liquids!). It is recommended not to leave the water tank exposed to the sun for too long and to change the water regularly. After use, keep it dry, without closing the cap. Clean the inside with an effervescent cleaning tablet, and the outside with warm water, a brush and neutral soap. The tap should be cleaned regularly!

Features :

  •     Water pouch
  •     product name : Water bag
  •     brand : Ortlieb
  •     year : 2012
  •     material: PS17L
  •     volume: 4 L
  •     weight: 130 g
  •     size: 38 x 25 cm
  •     compatibility:  
  •     supplied with :  (without shower head)
  •     use : drinking water


  • Brand Ortlieb
  • Reference 55911
  • EAN13 4013051005975
  • Manufacturer reference N24

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