XXcycle, my WebStore dedicated to Bicycle.
XXcycle, my WebStore dedicated to Bicycle.

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Avis des clients sur Tools, Maintenance & Transport

Park Tool SW-7.2 Spoke Wrench

Park Tool SW-7.2 Spoke Wrench

 ( 1 review(s) )

Don't buy cheaper key

Poster le 2017-12-15 par Accubens Lille

If you would reach 110kgf to 130 kgf, which is usual on many wheels, don't expect to succeed with a cheaper key. Spoke heads will be broken largely before this key. A really strong material is used.

perfect, as usual.

Pedal Tap- 9/16

Pedal Tap- 9/16" x 20 tpi TAP-6

 ( 1 review(s) )

shortening alu cranks allanS750

Poster le 2018-03-11 par Leslie Allan allanS750 / lmbfr1 FOIX

used for converting french steel cranks and complete retheads for short crank sets in alu.. youtube- lmbfr1 ( R600 155mm short crank)

very good

Look Zed 2 Bottom bracket Tool - DTAC/0268984

Look Zed 2 Bottom bracket Tool - DTAC/0268984

 ( 1 review(s) )


Poster le 2018-03-11 par david  Littleton

Great all parts fit perfectly.😀

I say very fast shipping way faster then USA companies. As I live Colorado .

Bottom Bracket Tool BBT-9

Bottom Bracket Tool BBT-9

 ( 1 review(s) )

BBT-9 possible design problem

Poster le 2007-10-06 par BBT-9 BB Tool dumfries. va

BBT-9 is a rare exception to Park Tools record of exceptional bike tools.The BBT-9 is actually two functionally distinct parts. The part i feel has the problem is the one that engages the 8 internal splines of the crank arm adjustment cap. The problems are: used to install. adjust. remove the crank arm adjustment cap. 1- The plastic material used for the working tip of part sheers of very easily in normal course of loosening the cap. 2- The location/mounting design does not permit a good grip when using the part to loosen the cap (unscrew). Often momentary moderate pressure is needed to start release in turning off the cap. The low leverage afforded by the part causes user to press the tool unevenly and imprecisely. resulting in breaking down the shoulder on the spline part ot tool. NOTE: The Shimano design of the cap itself also contributes to this problem. as the female part the wrench engages is too shallow for the tool end to get a good purchase to grip the cap.