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XXcycle, my WebStore dedicated to Bicycle.

Muscle Stimulator Compex Vitality


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Look and feel young, no matter what your age!
Staying healthy and fit, maintaining your shape and being able to recover completely from physical activities are essential components of looking and feeling young. COMPEX vitality is designed with specific exercise programs to help you perform better in everyday activities, be strong, keep fit and stay healthy.

Choose between 7 different body areas with stimulation specifically adapted for each body part.
5 levels of progression to develop and improve session after session. 4 channels provide comprehensive training for the whole body.
6 categories of programmes: fitness, aesthetics, massage, vascular, pain management, rehabilitation.
The "Easy Snap" connection system makes it easy to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand by just pressing it on (even on your back!).

Programs :

Sport :

Fartlek : To train and prepare for all kinds of muscular work through different working sequences

Fitness :

Muscle building : To increase muscular tone and volume
Muscle starter : To reactivate all the natural muscular qualities after a long period of inactivity

Pain :

Arthralgia : To reduce the transmission of persistent pains in the joints
Cervical pain : To generate a specific analgesic current that neutralises pains in the back of the neck
Contracture : To decrease muscular tension
Endorphinic / Chronic pain : To create analgesic actions to block transmission pain
Epicondylitis : To decrease persistent elbow pains
Low back pain : To block the transmission of pain in the lumbar region
Lumbago : To block the transmission of acute and intensive lower back pain
Lumbosciatica : To treat localised pains (in the lombar region and also on the legs)
Sophisticated TENS / Pain Management TENS : To block the transmission of pain and to alleviate all types of localised pain
Thoracic back pain : To block the transmission of pain in the upper back region

Aesthetic :

Abs : To strengthen and tone the abs
Adipostress : To enhance the effects of other treatments designed to reduce localised fat and cellulite
Buttocks : To tone and firm the buttocks
Calorilysis : To increase the calorie expenditure
Elasticity : To improve circulation and skin tone
Muscle firming : To regain muscle firmness and restore the support function of the muscles
Muscle tone : To tone and prepare the muscles before an intensive firming workout
Shaping : To define and sculpt the body when the muscles are already at a firming stage

Vasculaire :

Capillarization / Oxygenation : To increase blood flow and to prepare for efforts requiring endurance or muscle resistance
Cramp prevention : To prevent the onset of nocturnal cramp or cramp after strains, especially on the calves
Heavy legs : To eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs
Lymphatic drainage : To treat occasional swelling of the feet and ankles, may be used in conjunction with manual lymphatic drainage

Cross-Training :

Combined workout : To diversify work regimes in order to maintain a good level of general fitness

Massage :

Relaxing massage : To decrease muscular tension and to generate a relaxing effect
Reviving massage : To relieve feelings of tiredness and heaviness
Toning massage : To prepare the muscle before an unusual or determinate physical activity

Rehabilitation :

Disuse atrophy : To regain muscle volume on a muscle out of use for a long period : 1st step
Muscle growth : To complete the atrophy programme when the muscles have gained volume : 2nd step
Reinforcement : To complete rehabilitation once the muscles have reached their normal volume : 3rd step

Supplier references

Ref. Builder Color Size Special EAN XXcycle ref.
Vitality 7640109601215 11072


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