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Compex Mi Fitness Muscle Stimulator


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To be your very best and to perform to your potential in every day life you need to be healthy and fit. This enables you to always be in top form and above all, to be in control of your body's performance. The COMPEX is designed to be your Personal Trainer, a true «coach» diagnosing, analysing and automatically adapting stimulation programme sessions to help you achieve a higher level of fitness and thus obtain your best possible personal results.

Equipped with the mi-SENSOR to automatically sense and personalize your training sessions according to your physiology.
5 levels of progression so you can develop and improve session after session.
4 channels for complete body training sessions.
7 categories of programmes: warm-up, fitness, cross-training, body sculpt, recovery, pain relief, test.
LCD screen with back lighting for easy readability in all circumstances.
"Easy Snap" connection system makes it easy to connect the cable to the electrode with one hand by just pressing it on (even for your back!).

Programs :

Sport :

Active recovery : To relax and recover faster and more effectively after a physical effort
Core : To support the abs and lower back
Endurance : To improve performance for endurance sports
Explosive strength : To improve explosivity - key performance factor in some sports
Fartlek : To train and prepare for all kinds of muscular work through different working sequences
Hypertrophy / Body Building : To increase muscle volume and improve muscular resistance to fatigue
Plyometry : To reproduce muscle activation induced by plyometric training
Potentiation : To prepare muscles before the competition in an optimal way
Recovery plus : To relax and recover faster and more effectively after a demanding physical effort or intense muscle fatigue
Regeneration : To replace or optimise a regeneration training session the day after the competition
Resistance : To increase the ability to perfom intensive and prolonged efforts
Strength : To increase maximum strength and speed of muscle contraction
Stretching : To optimise the effects of voluntary stretching

Pain :

Ankle twist prevention : To improve ankle support
Cervical pain : To generate a specific analgesic current that neutralises pains in the back of the neck
Contracture : To decrease muscular tension
Endorphinic / Chronic pain : To create analgesic actions to block transmission pain
Epicondylitis : To decrease persistent elbow pains
Low back pain : To block the transmission of pain in the lumbar region
Low back reinforcement : To support the lower back and prevent back pain
Lumbago : To block the transmission of acute and intensive lower back pain
Sophisticated TENS / Pain Management TENS : To block the transmission of pain and to alleviate all types of localised pain
Thoracic back pain : To block the transmission of pain in the upper back region
Torticollis : To decrease the muscular tension on the muscles of the neck

Aesthetic :

Abs : To strengthen and tone the abs <

Vasculaire :

Capillarization / Oxygenation : To increase blood flow and to prepare for efforts requiring endurance or muscle resistance
Heavy legs : To eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the legs

Cross-Training :

Cross-endurance : To train in a varied manner and develop muscles to support moderate to long muscular effort
Cross-explosivity : To improve muscle explosivity while alternating training modes
Cross-resistance : To vary work regimes and favour muscle resistance to fatigue

Massage :

Anti-stress massage : To evacuate stress and associated muscular tension
Relaxing massage : To decrease muscular tension and to generate a relaxing effect
Reviving massage : To relieve feelings of tiredness and heaviness
Toning massage : To prepare the muscle before an unusual or determinate physical activity
Undulated massage 1 : To eliminate all unconfortable physical tensions
Undulated massage 2 : To accompany a return to calm with light pain relief

Rehabilitation :

Disuse atrophy : To regain muscle volume on a muscle out of use for a long period : 1st step
Muscle growth : To complete the atrophy programme when the muscles have gained volume : 2nd step
Reinforcement : To complete rehabilitation once the muscles have reached their normal volume : 3rd step

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2 Review(s)



good goods

Poster le 2014-08-30 par  Indonesia

i am very impresed about this product.



good goods

Poster le 2014-08-30 par  Indonesia

everything that kills me make me feel alive

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